Information about the data


Please note that the dataset has undergone additional cleaning in preparation for the Scientific Data submission. The final dataset will be shared when the Scientific Data paper is submitted (all ICSMP collaborators will be notified). Please contact Flavio Azevedo for any questions.

The project includes data from 67 countries/regions. The study has been fully approved by the School of Psychology, University of Kent (UK), review committee panel with an Ethics ID of 202015872211976468.

Data from the project will be made available for secondary analyses. To obtain access to the dataset, we request that researchers pre-register their analyses and hypotheses on an external website (e.g., the OSF, aspredicted). Pre-registrations can include exploratory analyses, although they should focus on a specific subset of variables. The codebook for the project is available here. To request access to the data, please fill in the form below.

Survey to get the data

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